accessing the heavenly dimension

A powerful Mind/Body/Spirit event!

Created with Rochester's renowned Yoga and Mindful Meditation Teacher, Bani Aello, this workshop explains the wisdom of "The Heavenly Dimension," how to access it, and how to integrate it into your life here on Earth through heightened awareness and understanding.   

Have you ever wondered, "What is happening in that dimension?" "What does everyone look like?" "Does everyone go there?" "What are they doing there?" These questions will be answered as David shares his timeless wisdom of understanding and accessing the Heavenly Dimension.

David will lead you in a deep meditation with the healing sounds of his ethereal double flute music that will assist you in accessing the Heavenly Dimension and commune with those on the other side. In this deep meditative state you will experience the Love and Light that exists in your most purest and Divine state of Being, enabling you to expand your consciousness to understand and access the Heavenly Dimension. 

There will also be a Q and A session to have your questions answered (that you have always wondered about but never had the opportunity to ask).  

Quite often Bani will accompany David in this workshop, enhancing it with her mindful meditation and finely tuned bodywork to help you activate the energetic pathways of clarity and inner strength. With Bani's skillful techniques and David's ethereal music, you will learn to access your personal and innate power to manifest your bliss!