Accessing the Heavenly Dimension

A Special Workshop with Bani Aello & David Young

Wednesday, Aug. 21

7:30 PM - 9:3- PM



Victor Yoga Studio, LLC

23 East Main Street #2

Victor, NY 14564

During the first part of this workshop David Young will be teaching about what he calls, "The Heavenly Dimension". This is dimension that our loved ones are in when their physical body stops working. It is the place where all of the Ascended Masters are. It is filled with Love and Light. Have you ever wondered, "What is happening in that dimension?" "What does everyone look like?" "Does everyone go there?" Come learn more about this dimension! You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about this mysterious dimension. David will then lead you in a deep meditation with his flutes to access that dimension and commune with those on the other side or to experience the Love and Light that is there.

During the second part of this workshop, Bani will be teaching about how we can use the the power of this other dimension in our lives here on Earth to manifest our heart's desires, create a wonderful life and live a "Heaven on Earth". She will then lead you in a Guided Meditation with the accompaniment of David's music to bring those desires into reality!

Cost: $30


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