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Book club parties are a great way to get friends together and have great discussion over food and drink.  It has been shown that these types of social gatherings are not only stimulating for the mind, they actually promote better health

Among his musical and artistic talents, David Young is known for writing deep, thought provoking books.  At times controversial, he has broken many barriers of thought, bringing his readers to new and expanded views. His amazing experiences have been chronicled in his books and continue to inspire the world with hope and self-empowerment.

A book club can be created for any of David's books. After the host chooses the book and the agreed upon date with David, we will send a box of books for the host to sell /share with their members about a month or two before the event. The books are then paid for at the event which has an entrance fee like a normal event or whatever price the host decides. 

*Included in these events are David's signature flute meditations.

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Benefits of Book Clubs 

  • Self Expression
  • Decreases Stress.
  • Creating New Friendships
  • Gaining New Perspectives.
  • Boosts Teamwork Skills.
  • Good for Those of Retirement Age.
  • Better Your Own Writing Skills.

available books

The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena

The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena

The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena


The death and resurrection of the “Biblical” Jesus is one of the most compelling and widely-known stories of all time. For Christians, it is the crux of their faith, the essential element of their entire belief system. Even for non-Christians, the depiction of Jesus’ agony and ecstasy exerts a profound fascination.

The question: "Did Jesus have a wife?" has been wondered about for centuries.

So what if the accepted history is wrong? 

Channeling Harrison

The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena

The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena


In 2010, beyond any apparent reason, George Harrison began appearing in David’s life. At first, these unusual experiences occurred about every two months, even though David knew little of channeling experiences, was far from being a Beatles fan, and quite afraid of ghosts.

Over 100 real life miracles have occurred, many included in Channeling Harrison Book One. This fascinating book is being released in March by the publisher of the widely read book, Conversations With God. Now, Channeling Harrison offers you a new way to think about life after death.

Divine Inner Guidance

The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena

Divine Inner Guidance


.Why is it that sometimes we just know things? Sometimes we do it right without really trying, seeming like we are divinely guided and there is a oneness to life. This is because we are listening to something that is guiding us for our greater good. 

When we don't listen, it's a far different story.

David Young shares 28 stories in this book to helps us realize the amazing gifts that come when we are listening to our Divine Inner Guidance - and the horrendous comedy that happens when we don't.

  Includes free music downloads