Paint & meditate • spiritual painting workshop

December 27th • 7 PM • Victor NY

Learn how to paint through channeling and meditation!

David Young will teach you his amazing techniques!


$50 advanced

Seating is limited to 12, so please register early.

Call or email to register:

(address will be disclosed upon purchase of ticket)

Call: (585) 957-6235


Regardless of your perceived artistic ability, you will take home an amazing work of art created by you, rich with meaning and inspiration! 

Wear your comfy clothes. Have a glass of wine (you brought). Sit back and relax and feel all the days stress melt away as you tune into the ethereal flute music of David Young . David's highly tuned energy is carried though his music as you absorb the creative spark of the heavenly dimensions into your mind, body and soul.

Open your heart and mind to a new mode of artistic creation.

Whether you're an amateur or seasoned artist, this workshop will teach you technique, concepts and most important, the incredible value of seeing art in your world!

This 2 and a half hour workshop includes all art supplies that you will need to create your own personalized masterpiece. 

David will demonstrate his unique methods of channeling the ethereal realms and turning these revelations into beautiful and meaningful works of abstract art. 

Included in this instructional workshop will be David's signature flute meditation along with his beautiful music. David will come around to everyone to personally share his simple yet astounding techniques and guide you into tuning in to your own unique artistic channel. 

You will leave this event with your own masterpiece, ignited by your newly enhanced artistic ability that allows you to see art in everything! 

Everyone has the ability to be an incredible artist. 

If you want to learn to paint, then you should study the "sky"

- David Young