did jesus have a wife?

This discussion event based on David's truly enlightening book, incorporates a Q & A, original channeled music and a guided meditation. The question, "did Jesus have a wife?" will be answered with shocking and thought provoking detail.


A Book by David Young

The death and resurrection of the “Biblical” Jesus is one of the most compelling and widely-known stories of all time. For Christians, it is the crux of their faith, the essential element of their entire belief system. Even for non-Christians, the depiction of Jesus’ agony and ecstasy exerts a profound fascination.

The question: "Did Jesus have a wife?" has been wondered about for centuries.

So what if the accepted history is wrong? What if the resurrection never actually occurred, and the corporeal Jesus was rescued and removed from the tomb as a living man? What if Mary Magdalena – the only person mentioned in all four Gospels as being present at the resurrection – what if she, as the fabled “apostle to the apostles,” whom Jesus loved more than any of his other followers – what if she spirited Jesus away, taking him on a thousand-mile journey to safety?

And what if they were married and had children?

This is at the heart of David Young’s provocative new book, “The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena.” The book is not about religion, and Young is not a Christian. Indeed, he is primarily known as a musician and spiritual healer.

But he is also a painter, and over a period of four years, he produced what he calls “evidentially channeled artwork.” As time went on, he realized these paintings were messages from Jesus and Mary Magdalena that ultimately guided him toward the hidden truth of a monumental historic deception.

Through inner dialogue, through professional channelers, and through his visionary artwork, Young found himself becoming intimately involved in the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalena. He reports that he wasn’t actively looking for “the true story” but was being drawn more deeply into it as he went on a quest to find the details of what happened after the crucifixion.

This quest eventually led him up a breakneck mountain path to a mysterious cave in the south of France where he had a profound realization: His artwork depicted the journey of a Jesus who survived the crucifixion and escaped to France with his beloved wife, Mary Magdalena, and with whom he had three children.

The trail that Young follows is filled with details that read like an adventure story that becomes increasingly real with every new revelation. The descriptions of how Mary Magdalena smuggled Jesus past the Roman guards, how they trudged through dangerous occupied territory, how Mary Magdalena had to care for a man whose body had been severely tortured and brutalized, how the couple survived on whatever fruits and berries they could cull from the land – all of this, and much more, weave a deeply personal narrative.

These two characters, universally renowned but, as Young says, widely misunderstood, are brought to life through direct, channeled communications that are extensively quoted. The details they supply challenge the accepted wisdom of history. Jesus and Mary Magdalena also spring to life as a couple devoted to each other, to their family, and to their spirituality.

There’s more than just the central story here, of course. There’s a parallel exploration of how Young went on his own journey to that distant cave, and how, along the way, he was repeatedly guided and reassured by many messages and symbols. One of the most startling moments was when he looked out of the cave where Mary Magdalena and Jesus finally settled - a cave, by the way, that is now one of the most visited and revered places of pilgrimage on the planet. He saw, with stunning insight, how his own painting from years before revealed the exact same landscape!

Whether your viewpoint is that of someone who subscribes to the Gospel telling of events, or whether you accept the notion that history took a very different turn on that third day after the crucifixion, there’s no doubt that the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalena is one of survival and hope.

With the information and ideas of this new book’s narrative, another message has been delivered: That humanity and divinity are irrevocably intertwined.