Saturday, November 2

A Portal Between Heaven & Earth

Saturday November 2
Memorial service: 10am-11:30am

Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship
203 East Pulaski Rd
Huntington Station NY

Tickets: $35 advance,  $40 at the door
Call: 631-455-3471
(All are welcome to the Gathering of Light weekly service that morning at 10am to honor those who have passed. All are welcome to bring pictures and can have loved ones names read aloud.)

A Portal Between Heaven & Earth:
Experience the healing music and mystical meditations of David Young!
Everyone will have some form of spiritual experience, either with the Inner Light or Sound, an Ascended Master, an out of body experience, a past life awareness, or reconnecting with a loved one.

Whether people have been meditating a short time or for thirty years, attendees consistently say they've had the most profound, spiritual experience of their entire life.

A Portal Between Heaven and Earth is truly a transformational experience of channeled music, messages and healing energy. David's signature flute meditation and mind expanding dialog will bring you far beyond this world into an esoteric spiritual presence and harmony.

Over 10,000 Wellness Centers and healers of all kinds; Reiki practitioners, therapists, psychics, yoga studios and spas use his music all day long because they feel that his music is “the most healing music on the planet.”
John Hopkins Medical Centers actually have entire floors that play his music 24/7 for this reason. Approximately 300,000 people a day are being treated while listening to his music.
You will not want to miss this journey!