Sounds from the Higher Consciousness Volume II: The Stories Behind the Songs.


Song 1 - One Love

As of 2017 I'd say about 200 people who came to my events or read one of the books shared an experience with John Lennon. He is actually easy to find and always available to connect with to chat about universal love, his love for Yoko or about music. (He doesn't chat about the Beatles.)

In 2016, John was given the job to talk to me about something I absolutely did not want to talk about. It was something that had been a sore subject for me for many years.

MiMi, my girlfriend was the channeler he used to communicate with me at that time and it wasn't enjoyable for any of us.

After a week of heated discussion it turned into a big problem and John stopped showing up for two weeks. He and George had been around daily for years.

Marvin Gaye had written a few songs with us starting in 2013 that made their way into the audio book and he came through with the melody and rhythm of this song, starting with, "Can you tell me where I can find John Lennon?"

Marvin told me through Bob Murray (when Bob was alive... see that I was his son in a previous lifetime which is why I had an extra special love for the way he sang. Although he didn't play rock music, (which was my first love and all I listened to when I was growing up,) I always thought Marvin's singing was amazing.

Marvin told me (thru Bob) that three of his songs were going to come into my life but the details were very vague.

Then while I was recording "One Love" George recommended (through MiMi) that I add a conga track and Todd, the engineer, actually had the individual tracks (instruments) of three Marvin Gaye songs in the computer! We used the conga track from "Mercy, Mercy Me" on this song.

"If we could join together as One, our world can become, One Love."

Song 2 - The Invisible Wall

This song is dedicated to Bob Murray. George and John brought Bob in (when he was alive) to explain why they were connecting with me. Bob helped me understand there was an other side of life, that was actually more real than our physical world and it was on the other side of this invisible wall. The reality is that there is no invisible wall but mankind chose to create one.

I learned more about the spiritual life from Bob Murray in the two years we spoke every day than anyone else I ever met.

This song describes how I felt when George started to appear in my life in 2010.


People may think I'm crazy
Believing in life after all
Feeling your love communicating
Though you're on the other side of the Invisible Wall

I remember the first time you came to see me
Nothing could have prepared me at all
I struggled as my mind tried disbelieving
You could reach out from beyond the Invisible Wall

From the other side of the Invisible Wall ...
Some people don't understand it because they haven't seen at all
They don't know there's another side of the Invisible Wall

There was nothing to be afraid of when you came through to me
As the smile grew brighter on my face
A flow of moving colors lit my imagination
As your love and your light filled my space

From the other side of the Invisible Wall...
Some people don't understand it because they haven't heard the call
They don't know there's another side to the Invisible Wall

Song 3 - A Rose Still Grows in the Desert

The first time MiMi and I went to Sedona, one of the places we stayed was a B&B that happened to have a guitar. The first morning we were sitting on the patio having coffee and as I started to play this chord pattern, Mary Magdalena (Jesus's wife, then and now, in case you weren't sure who she is...) came through to MiMi and gave her this message for me, "A Rose Still Grows in the Desert."

Since I was playing these chords I started to sing her words with it and we wrote this song together as MiMi channeled her ideas.

To me, the symbology here is that the desert is a difficult place to live but beautiful things still live and thrive there, just like planet earth.


A rose still grows in the desert
By the river that flows thru the trees
A rose still grows in the desert
And the river is carrying me

Take a walk with me
Thru the desert
And grow with me...

A rose still grows in the desert
By the river that's flowing to me
A rose still grows in the desert
And the water is carrying me

Take a walk with me Through the desert
And grow with me...

Come with me to the mountain
Where my Soul flies high on the breeze
Come with me to the mountain
Where my spirit is carrying me...

Song 4 - Destiny Calls

In December, 2015 my life was going through transition and this song was written at a powerful moment.


Destiny Calls
Reaching down for me
Destiny Calls
Bringing a new reality

It's more than I can see now
I hear it calling now

Destiny calls
As the world finds unity
Destiny calls
A new age of community

I hear it calling now
The clouds are clearing now

I hear it calling now
The future is here and now...

Song 5 - Living The Way

In 2015 a woman named Sandy came to an event in CT and afterwards, she started being visited nightly by an Asian Ascended Master. The unique thing about this is that he continually appeared to give her messages to give to me!

He said that he was my teacher 25 centuries ago and told her much about "the way" and balance.

He said that I was starting a new phase in my career where I was going to use my words along with my music in a spiritual way that I hadn't done before and that I would be channeling information.

After many of these meetings in the middle of the night Sandy asked him what his name was and he told her, "Lao Tsu".

I looked him up on Google and Lao Tsu lived 2,500 years ago, just as he told her. He wrote the well known spiritual book, The Tao Te Ching, which means, "The Way", the foundation of Taoism. It is the second most translated book in mankind's history.

The Tao is all about balance. It is a spiritual way of living life and the Ying Yang sign, which is a symbol for balance, is its symbol.

I was working on Volume I of Sounds from the Higher Consciousness and that was the first time I was creating a vocal album with only spiritual songs.

Everything he told her lined up.

I opened myself up to Lao Tsu and we wrote these words together.

A key word in this song is the "ascenders" who are those in humanity now doing their part in helping to lift the world, bringing in Light and Love in every way possible.


We are more than life seems to be
Unfolding, revealing a new world
That most were afraid to see
But not me

You've woke up and opened your eyes to see
The edges that most were afraid of
Where you now live comfortably
With me, with you

All of the Angels are riding this wave
Sharing the Light
Living Oneness
Living the Way

All the ascenders are riding this wave
Sharing the Light
Living wonders
Living the Way

We are much more than life seems to appear
Uncovering more every moment
And even more year after year
Changing Me
Changing you
Lifting the world

All of the Angels are riding this wave
Sharing the Light
Living Oneness
Living the Way

All the ascenders are riding this wave
Sharing the Light
Living wonders
Living the Way

Song 6 - Mother Mary

After the events promoting the book Channeling Harrison were over by the end of 2014, my events transformed into meditation events. These were originally called 'Soul Activation workshops' because the attendees were describing that their soul was being activated.

A year later my new publicist accidentally called the events 'Soul Ascension workshops' because the reality that humanity was in the middle of the Ascension had become apparent.

I decided to change the name of the events because of that and intended to send out an email the next day informing the various promoters.

At 6:00 am the following morning (before I had even written the letter) Andrew Kaen, my promoter and good friend in NYC sent me an email telling me that "The Heavenly Team gave me a message this morning to give to you. We are supposed to change the name of the events to Soul Ascension events." Wow!

Mother Mary had consistently been showing up to people at all of these events bringing healing and guidance to various attendees. Since I was brought up Jewish I really had no knowledge of how important she is in the Universe and what a powerful being she is.

In 2015 as I was sitting in the backyard playing my guitar, this song came through while I was thinking of someone who had an experience with her at the previous nights event. I sang it into my cell phone to remember it. Upon listening back, I realized that the sound of crickets was behind the whole song and I had never heard crickets in my backyard before.

I later found out that Mother Mary often brings the smell of roses when she appears or the sound of crickets. I sampled this sound from my original demo and you can hear it at the intro of and throughout the song.


Mother Mary
Walk with me
Mother Mary
Talk with me

Show me where I'm going
Lift me with your smile
Am I on the path of knowing
You've been with me all the while

Mother Mary
Walk with me
Mother Mary
Talk with me

Show me where you live
In the skies above the rain
All the love that you've been giving
Finds it's way to me again

Mother Mary
Walk with me
Mother Mary
Talk with me

Song 7 - Loving Acceptance

There is a different version of this song on the audio book. I wrote this in Hawaii in 2013 after my big meditation experience with George while finishing book one when I found out John was involved.

Two weeks later, I finally agreed to have my first channeling session with a professional medium because I didn't really believe in channeling until then, (even though my book was filled with three years of my channeled experiences with George.)

Suenna Lankswort who had been channeling for fourty years told me all the same things George and John had communicated to me in Hawaii, word for word. It was hard for the skeptical me to hang on from that point....

While I was putting Volume II together I played some of the songs from the audio book for MiMi and when this chorus started, Mother Mary came through to her and gave me this message, "I LOVE THIS SONG!!"


When I see you
And you see me
The love of the Divine
Connects us effortlessly

The inner door opens
I float out to the sky
A limitless Ocean
In the twinkle of an eye

Loving Acceptance...
Accepting the love with loving acceptance...

When you call me
And I hear you
I feel the magic
That we do

The inner door opens
I float out to the sky
A limitless Ocean
In the twinkle of an eye

Loving Acceptance...
Expecting the love with Loving Acceptance

Doors open wide...
I let go and release
When I'm one with he Oneness the wonders never cease!

Song 8 - The Sounds of Heaven

In 2016 I was visiting my dear friends Joe and Laura in Rochester, NY and wrote this song in their kitchen one morning over coffee. I had written seven songs the previous day in private readings for clients so I was all warmed up. ;-)


Close your eyes
Be peaceful now
Open the heart
Just allow

See the Light
Hear the sound of Heaven
All around me
The Sound of Heaven
Is all around me

When I'm here
I feel the flow
It's so clear
Wherever I go

I see the Light
I hear the sound
Of Heaven
All around me
The Sounds of Heaven
Are all around me

Song 9 - Love and Kindness

A different mix of this song is on the audio book. It somehow showed up in the folder in the computer for this album even though it was from two years ago so I took it as a sign that it was supposed to be part of this collection.

I actually had a complete set of different songs that I wanted to record for this album but it became obvious that it was the right time to finish and compile these songs first.

A woman named Vicky Rinkerman wrote the lyrics. She had been reading "Channeling Harrison" and got these words in a message. Her sister had been channeling messages since childhood but Vicky never had a Channeling experience of her own. When she put down the book these words came right through to her. All she had to do was write them down. She sent them to me in 2015 and they resonated with me because I had been talking specifically about this with George and John through Bob Murray the previous week! (They obviously wanted this written into a song and I had missed the cue...)


The message is clear
For all the world to hear
Treat everyone with Love and Kindness

With this message in tow
The world's choir will grow when we
Treat everyone with Love and Kindness

With every act of love
Light will shine
Every act of love
Lifts mankind
And our love will triumph over darkness
Our love will lift the veil of blindness
If we treat everyone with Love and Kindness...

Sing your song
Play it loud
And dare to dance
On a distant cloud
One by one
Over time
We can treat everyone
With Love and Kindness...

Song 10 - Choose Love

Not everyone in this physical world acts in honor or integrity, so what do we do when we're dealing with them?

Gandhi had appeared to someone at my event and said, "It's not easy to live in the physical world and not react or respond in anger when we are mistreated but it is better for everyone and everything if we don't react."

Self protection is important for all of us and when we have to make the choice between reacting in anger or love, all the Ascended Masters agree - choose Love.

This is the first music video from this album.


Each time we choose Love
The Light in the world gets brighter
Each time we choose Love
The weight of the world gets lighter

Everything we do
Comes back to me and you
In everything you do
Choose Love

Each time we choose Love
Negativity loses the battle
Each time we choose Love
There's a rainbow from New York to Seattle

Love finds a way
To make sunshine on cloudy days
In every single way 

Choose Love Official Music Video

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