A Portal Between Heaven & Earth Concert & Meditations


A Portal Between Heaven and Earth is mystical and transformational experience of channeled music, messages and healing energy. This truly unique event combines David's healing music, ( a sound healing experience that can only be created with David's prodigious ability to play two flutes together in harmony), and guided meditations that carry attendees far beyond this world and into an esoteric spiritual presence and harmony.  
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The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena


David sheds light on history’s greatest deception, based on three years of evidential channeling, orchestrated synchronicities and his amazing abstract art. These incredible events are continually reaffirmed  at his meditation events, showing what really happened 2000 years ago.  Another one of David's truly unique event, David combines channeled music and meditation, while sharing his profound story of art, hope and the resiliency of the human spirit. This inspiring event opens the mind and heart to the truth that WE are all connected.

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Personal Readings by David (Musical Affirmations)


To assist you in journeying to your next level of spiritual awareness, David will compose your very own personal musical affirmation, a personalized mantra based on David's acute ability to tune into the cosmic frequencies of your energy and help you move past your fears, misbeliefs, or limitations, allowing you to see and understand your life with more clarity and purpose. David will tune in to your spiritual essence, (your unique, energetic vibrations), and turn it into your own personal mantra in form of a beautiful, personalized song.
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