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The True Story of Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena

Within the pages of this book are beautiful channeled paintings that tell an incredible true story and along with 12 QR codes (physical book) that you scan with your cellular device that plays 90 minutes of my original soundtrack music!   

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Channeling Harrison

In 2010, beyond any apparent reason, George Harrison began appearing in David’s life. At first, these unusual experiences occurred about every two months, even though David knew little of channeling experiences, was far from being a Beatles fan, and quite afraid of ghosts.

Over 100 real life miracles have occurred, many included in Channeling Harrison Book One. This fascinating book is being released in March by the publisher of the widely read book, Conversations With God. Now, Channeling Harrison offers you a new way to think about life after death.

Available on CD $16.99 

MP3 Audio Instant download $14.99


Channeling Harrison Music Companion

A 2 CD set companion to "Channeling Harrison Book One". 

Listening to these CDs is a way of reliving the book through the songs, like listening to the songs of a musical like ONCE or Godspell brings back the images of the story through the songs. These appear in order on the CDs as they appear in the story. 

Available on CD $26.99 

MP3 Instant download $14.99


Divine Inner Guidance

David Young's first book. Includes free music downloads.

Why is it that sometimes we just know things? Sometimes we do it right without really trying, seeming like we are divinely guided and there is a oneness to life. This is because we are listening to something that is guiding us for our greater good. When we don't listen, it's a far different story.

David Young shares 28 stories in this book to helps us realize the amazing gifts that come when we are listening to our Divine Inner Guidance - and the horrendous comedy that happens when we don't.

He includes stories of how musicians like Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Matt Abst (Gov't Mule), Ricky Peterson (David Sanborn), Jeff Ross (Badfinger), Kenny Gradney (Little Feat), Artie Mogul, Robert Plant, Billy Dean, Noah Levy (The BoDeans), and many he has worked with over the years have helped him to listen better.

Life can be a challenge, no doubt, but as you learn how to keep tuned in, it becomes a much nicer, smoother ride.

"This book can be your key to opening the door to your deepest dreams and heart's desires. Listen to them. Trust them."
- Edie Weinstein, journalist, motivational speaker, and author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

"An amazing talent and world view. That came through loud and clear..."
- Barbara McNichol, Author of Word Trippers 

Available in paperback $14.99