Gentle ambient music for Healing, Deep Meditation, Yoga, Inner Balance, and Mind, Body & Soul Alignment.


Provocative and mind expanding books based on real life experiences. These books contain David's art and music.


These albums were created with David Young's unique signature music designed to bring peace and tranquility to listeners.


A new genre of healing music called Mantra Music. Each album is an hour of a specific healing mantra sung gently and blended into the background of David's ethereal music.


Original music written, produced and performed by David Young. Uplifting melodies and deeply profound lyrics that will stay with you long after the songs have ended.


Beautiful and timeless songs sure to inspire Love and romance.


David's earlier recordings of high energy rock music. 

Good for working out, the gym and any other activity that requires added energy.


Soothing instrumental albums with your favorite Christmas songs, to fill your holiday season with festive and 

peaceful music.