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Forever One

The first CD from David Young's early days band, Namaste'. The music is described as transformational, eclectic and energizing and combines elements of the progressive groups of the 70's, like the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and Genesis, with a modern flavor.

Written and recorded in seven weeks, Forever One was a vision band leader David Young has had in his heart for years. "The threads of humanity inspired me to write this album,” David says. “With disaster, war and world events of woe there will always be room for hope and love. We want to be a positive force in this world, create music that makes a difference and is evolving."

David Young, Lewis Sego, Rafael Johnson and Dino Davitch who came together in Minneapolis, MN take us on a transformational musical journey. This fresh music is a blend of classically beautiful modern rock. 

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Rock 'N Soul

"Rock 'n Soul is a fun, upbeat acoustic/electric album that is great for driving, working out and parties. And if you like the Beatles, this is for you as it has their flavor in the sauce." 

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Woodstock, The Mystery of Destiny

An enlightening story told through Rock and Roll, featuring a waiter named Aquarius trying to understand life's mysteries and his destiny in life. Each day on his way to work, he walks through Bethel's Woodstock forest, singing and playing a renaissance flute. This is the same land where the renowned Woodstock Festival was held years before. Today a forest, trees have been planted to celebrate its memory. The mysterious natural echo there carries his music throughout, which is how Miriam finds him.

Miriam Hartman is the daughter of the richest man in town and a 26 year old teacher at Bethel High School, located on the other side of the forest. Wealthy Peter Ost, head of the math department is rushing her into marriage. Aquarius and Miriam meet in the forest a week before her engagement party. Unbeknownst to him, he has been hired to play the flute at her party and by that time, their chemistry has evolved.

Michael Hartman, Miriam's father, has been asked to speak at the upcoming High School graduation. A dramatic history of past events has an opportunity to be resolved. Thirty years earlier, after his wife was killed in a freak accident at the Festival, he went on a rampage, using his wealth to ban all forms of live rock and electronic music in Bethel. Thus began the Age of Control.

Somehow, the spirit of rock and roll is still alive in Woodstock forest, and Aquarius becomes its messenger.

Created, Written & Performed by DAVID YOUNG. Featuring 18 songs and a 24 page story/booklet.

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Available in CD $14.95

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